Friday, October 23, 2015

Some Updates

Lilly has been doing pretty well since our last show. She's been trimmed once since then and her feet are doing MUCH better. They grew out quite a bit since the last trim, and they haven't chipped at all. She still has a bit of separation, but it's not anything that's active, and it seems to be growing out. I'm very happy with her feet!

When my trimmer suggested I get Lilly a muzzle, she also suggested I get a bottle of Durasole and try that as well. A lot of her clients use it and they've had really good luck with it, so I started putting it on her hooves back on the 13th. I haven't really noticed a difference yet, but my trimmer said I might not see anything for a little while. Her hooves are really soaking it up right now, and once they start absorbing it less, I should see a difference. I've been applying it about every other day, so I'll be curious to see how she does at the show on the 31st.

I haven't done anything with the muzzle yet. I was going out of town shortly after it arrived, and my barn owner was also going to be out of town right before I left, and I didn't want her wearing it when people weren't around. Plus, I think we missed the window already, and the grass threat has passed for now. July and August seem to be our danger months, but I'll keep an eye on her come spring as well. I'm also scheduling vaccines, so I'm going to speak with my vet about how often she thinks Lilly should wear it. She'll probably say 24/7, 365, but maybe we can have a realistic conversation about it.

My out of town trip was back home to Michigan. A friend of mine was getting married so I flew home for a long weekend. Rylee didn't get to go this time since I flew, but I had a house sitter, so she didn't have to go to the dreaded Camp Bow Wow. (She's not a very dog friendly dog... she doesn't mind other dogs, but she's more of a people dog. She doesn't play with the other dogs there, but instead just follows around the "Camp Counselors". I feel bad leaving her there.)

I visited my sweet AJ while I was home, of course! The weather was beautiful, so I decided to grab a couple lead ropes and go for a ride. We just walked around the pasture, but it was fun being back on him. Some other family members were visiting as well, so my nephew's girlfriend hopped on with me for a few minutes*. She hasn't ridden in a long time, but used to ride as a kid. AJ was such a good boy.

AJ, doing his thing.
And in other news, I bought a new western saddle. I have no idea if it's going to fit Lilly or not, but it comes with a two week trial period and I'll have it in time to ride in it at the show. That will be a great test as to how it's going to fit her. I found an older model Crates show saddle, with a wide tree. The gullet isn't as wide as my current saddle, but I swear the one I have now is a freak of nature because I haven't been able to find anything close to it. I really, really hope this one works. The price was great and I won't be embarrassed to show in this one.

Still in great shape!

Shiny silver!
It's going to ship today and I can't wait to get it. I've been speaking with some of my horsey friends and they think I might also need to swap out my felt pad for something a little more "squishy". Lilly might just need a little extra cushion up in the shoulder area, so that's an option too. I NEED THIS SADDLE TO FIT.

Hope you're all enjoying this lovely fall weather!

*Disclaimer: I know, I know... no helmets, no bridle, riding double. No humans or animals were hurt in the making of this photo.