Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hoof Progress

First, a Rylee update. I tried getting ahold of my vet the day after I took Rylee in, but they were too busy for us, and didn't return my call until the following day. By that time, the panic had dissipated and things with Rylee were going well. The general consensus with everyone I spoke with was that the x-rays were showing bone in her tummy and not plastic, which made me feel a lot better. She's doing great now, and I'm hoping we don't have to do this again anytime soon. She does have a new plastic crate pan, but I don't think she's going to eat this one... unless it cracks. So I'll keep an eye on the condition of it, and replace it as necessary.


Ok, moving on to Lilly. She's been doing really good these days. They're on a summer turnout schedule, so she's inside during the hot parts of the day and she seems to be enjoying that quite a bit. I enjoy it as well because I don't have to walk out to the pasture to get her. Lazy? A little bit.

My trimmer was out again today and Lilly's hooves got another positive report. She has stopped growing bar like a mad woman, is growing hoof wall, and has obvious signs of sole thickening. My trimmer feels like we're at a point where we can start pushing things a bit... up until now, it has been kind of an uphill battle, but now we've reached a plateau. She says we're "coasting", which means I can start working Lilly again.

She hasn't told me not to ride, but Lilly was still having some tenderness and I since I stay so busy with Rylee anyway, I've just been letting her rest. She's no longer dragging her back feet, has no soreness in her back, and seems like a happy, healthy girl. My trimmer wants to see how Lilly's feet handle some of the different terrain at the barn without boots, so trail rides are in our future!

It was overcast and rainy today, but I'll take some good hoof pictures when I'm out there next and post them here to show her awesome progress.

I've also been trying to keep an eye on her weight, which seems to be going up ever so slightly. I took this (crappy iPhone) picture of her the other day when I was out. She's looking only slightly preggers.

Getting a little belly...
I'm really trying to avoid doing the whole muzzle thing, so maybe with a few trail rides to get her moving, she'll drop a few pounds.

*Also... Rylee is getting her own blog. I'll still talk about her here some, but I want to focus more on the raw diet stuff, so I figure she needs her own spot. I'm still getting it set up, and have copied her posts over there, but feel free to check it out if you want. Rambunctious Rylee

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bad Dog!

So, this is what happens when hubby and I try to go away for a night to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities in our state's capital.

Oms, noms, noms...
I asked my neighborhood dog trainer lady to watch Rylee for the night so hubby and I could go downtown. She's helped me a lot with Rylee's training, and came over every day to help when Rylee was too little to hold her potty the whole time I was at work. She was also in charge of the obedience class we took a few months ago, so Rylee is quite familiar with her.

She came over Friday night around 11pm to let Rylee out to play and potty a bit, and then feed her dinner. She said she had a little bit of diarrhea, but everything else was fine. When she came back over at 8am Saturday morning, though, she found Rylee had destroyed her crate liner and all the pieces were missing. So, that means she ate them.

She's spent the night alone one other time and was fine (and crates really well), so I don't know if she was just super pissed this time, or what. I actually think that perhaps she was digging at the corner (like she does sometimes) and the liner cracked, which gave her a place to start chewing. When she destroys her toys, she does that... once she finds a weak spot, it doesn't stand a chance.

We'll never know exactly what happened, other than she ate a whole bunch of plastic.

So hubby and I wake up to frantic phone calls from the neighborhood dog trainer lady telling us what happened. So, of course, no long, hot shower at the hotel's expense, and no breakfast at the restaurant downstairs... we threw our stuff in our bags and hurried home.

Rylee seemed fine when we got home. She was SUPER happy to see me, although I gave her the stink eye and could tell she knew I wasn't pleased. I called the dog lady and we chatted a bit more, and I decided to call my vet to see what I should do. They told me a whole lot of nothing, as expected, so I decided I'd just watch her and see how things progressed. She was eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping, and I knew it would take a while for that stuff to start moving. It also didn't help that I didn't know when exactly she ate her liner. Was it midnight, or 7am? Also, did she swallow giant pieces, or did she chew her plastic liner like a lady? No idea.

All was well until about 2pm today. I'd been following her around like a hawk, watching her poop, and I finally saw plastic pieces... and a lot of blood. So I called the emergency vet and they told me I should probably bring her in for x-rays. So I tossed her in the truck and off we went.

Here are the x-rays of her tummy:

Right side belly
I circled in red the little pieces that the vet is concerned about. Those could be plastic pieces that aren't moving along as the others are. She said the plastic may or may not show up on the x-ray, depending on how thick they are, but since Rylee eats raw, those pieces could also simply be bones from her breakfast. She had a chicken thigh, and they look sort of bone-shaped to me, but it could also be a corner piece from the crate or something. There's also a lot of gas in there...

So tomorrow I call my regular vet and have more x-rays done to see if they still see anything in her tummy. Between now and then, no bones to eat so we know for sure if what we're seeing is bone or plastic. The plastic should not still be in her tummy after 48 hours, so if we still see something tomorrow, she'll need surgery to remove those pieces that are left. Hopefully it's just bone and the rest of the plastic is ripping its way through her intestines and colon, and will be out throughout the day tomorrow.

She also got some sub-q fluids for the diarrhea and metronidazole to help soothe her irritated digestive system. Oh, and on the plus side, I got a "free" hip displaysia analysis from the emergency vet... her hips look good! Yay...

Top view
And here I thought she was safe in her crate... I ordered a new crate liner Saturday morning, but I'm worried about putting it back in there. As it is, she can't have towels, blankets, beds, or anything soft because she shreds it, and now I can't even feel safe with just the plastic liner. ARGH!!

Hope, hope, hope the stuff in her tummy is just bone and not plastic. :(