Friday, September 28, 2012

Bon Voyage

Not that you'll notice since I've been MIA from the blog for quite a while now anyway, but this will be my last blog post until after I get back from my wedding and honeymoon! I'll be thinking about you all while I'm in Hawaii, and I'll be sure to post lots of pictures when I get back.

If you happen to see Lilly while I'm gone, please give her kisses and a carrot! I hope everyone has a wonderful couple of weeks!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hoof Angles and a Wedding Teaser

Earlier in the week, a couple of my favorite bloggers (smazourek at It's Quarters For Me and Kristen at Sweet Horse's Breath) did posts on hoof angles. I recently trimmed Lilly's hooves and hadn't posted any pictures, so I thought I'd post a couple for comparison. I probably should have done a better job of cleaning them up after I was done trimming... I'll do better next time!

Left front...
Her heels on the left front are still a little more under-run than I'd like, but when you look at the sole view (of which I have no pictures because they were all blurry), her heels are actually pretty close to where they should be. This is the trouble hoof, though, and I can't always trim it the way I want to because there's not much to work with. I don't want to sit her heels down so far that it makes her sore, so we just do little bits at a time. I would say she still has a ways to go, but I'm not sure her hooves will ever look "normal" because of the amount of issues she's had with them since she was a foal.

Right front...
I'm much happier with the way this hoof looks and it's so easy to trim compared to her left front. There are still parts of her hairline (on both hooves) that look a bit jammed, but they're a lot better than before. She's a work in progress (and so am I as far as trimming is concerned). She's actually been quite sound the past couple of months too. Can she canter over stones up and down the driveway? No, of course not, but I can walk her from her pasture into the barn over large, pointy rocks and only if she steps on something really big does she take ouchie steps. It's been a long time coming for her to be comfortable walking over that kind of material. I didn't even need to ask the BO to grade her a path this time around!

And finally, here's a picture of one of the chair hangers that will line the aisle at my wedding. I didn't make these, although I started out thinking I was going to, but then reality hit me and I started farming this stuff out.

Starfish Pew Hangers
These beauties were made for me by Suzanne at Serendipity Bridal and I think they turned out perfectly! The dark purple and lime ribbon colors were spot on. I love them!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beautiful Day

We've been having the most gorgeous weather ever! I've been keeping busy with my wedding to-do list, my new house/rent the old house to-do list, and hoof trims, so I haven't had a chance to ride Lilly in quite a while. Today, however, I just couldn't help myself and I snuck in a quick bareback ride.

Let me first just say how much I love my sweet pony. She is to die for, I'm telling you! I walked out to her pasture, hollered "sweet pea!" and came jogging over to see me. If that doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will.

I got her groomed and fly sprayed and decided instead of riding her bareback with the dinky snaffle bit, which I usually do in case something awful happens and I end up getting in her mouth, I decided to use my regular bridle and bit. I'm so much better at riding her bareback now, and she's so much better about everything, that I thought it would be okay to move on to bigger and better things.

She rode like a superstar today. We walked, jogged, and loped around the arena without a single issue. Even her transitions were like butter... I squeezed and she stepped into each transition like it was nothing. I remember the days when I had to sneak a handful of mane before asking for the lope when we were bareback. Not any longer!

She was SO good. We had a really nice ride and enjoyed spending time together. I could tell she was enjoying herself and there was a lot of licking every time I rubbed her shoulder and told her she was a good girl. She's getting better about not holding tension in her jaw when we're working, and I find that a nice rub and a super enthusiastic "good girl" really helps her relax. She tries so desperately to please!

I must say, though, that she is getting FAT. The late summer grass is coming in and she has quite a bit to eat out there. Without any exercise, she's plumping right up. I need to double check that the BO isn't feeding her more than a handful of grain at breakfast and then figure out what to do about her giant belly.

Enjoying some scratches!
I'm trying to keep up with all your blogs as best I can. Know that even if I'm not commenting, I'm reading. I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Need Another Fly Sheet...

Things are starting to come together for the wedding... I can't believe it's only 25 days away! I'll post some pictures once I get a few more things assembled, but I'm very happy with everything I've chosen so far! Our colors are grape and lime green, with a starfish theme. Can you picture it? :)

The problem with making so much progress with the wedding to-do list means poor Lilly is being neglected. Okay, maybe not neglected, but let's just say she's looking a little chubby and quite scruffy these days. Her bridle path looks a bit like a mohawk, her mane is getting really long, and her ears are full of hair. Oh the humanity!!

I've actually been to check on her quite often and she's doing great. She always looks at me like she's embarrassed by her appearance, hopeful that I'll bring her in and make her look beautiful, but it just never happens. Her hooves need to be trimmed, though, so that's on my must-do-soon pony list. Maybe I'll tidy her up a bit while I have her inside for the trim. Tomorrow I pick up my wedding dress, so there will be no time for ponies trims until Thursday. I sure hope it fits! I had a bit of an exciting experience when I had my first fitting so I hope the alterations lady was able to get what she needed. I almost passed out cold, but luckily the 125,421 pins she had put in the dress stabbed me as I fell and I never lost consciousness!

And now for the reason of this post... fly sheets. Yes, I'm in the market for ANOTHER fly sheet. Somehow Lilly managed to rip the strap off hers and the tear went half way up the side of the blanket. The straps were always way too long, and no matter how many knots I put in them, they hung down. I think she stepped on it when she was getting up. I couldn't find the strap and I never really did like the way it fit her anyway, so I wadded it up and tossed it in the garbage can. So now she has no fly sheet. On the hottest days I bring her inside because she still gets a sunburn now and then, and when the flies are at their worst, I feel bad for her, so she gets stalled during the day.

I had a heck of a time choosing that one, so I'm dreading going through the process all over again. I'm hoping I'll be able to find a good deal, though, since we're coming to the end of fly season (although not really). This time, the items on the must have list are neck cover, at least 80% UV protection, lightweight, and a belly band. Her belly is being eaten alive by black flies and no matter how much SWAT I slather on her cute little hair whorls, those dang flies just congregate there and chew on her all day. The belly band will cover those up and I won't have to worry about her belly anymore.

I'm thinking about getting her the Interlock Mesh Combo Sheet from SSTack. The UV protection is only 80%, which is kind of low, but I like it otherwise.

Interlock Mesh Bellyband Combo Fly Sheet
Does anyone have a Schneider's fly sheet? I have plenty of their blankets and I love them, but I've never ordered one of their fly sheets. It got really good reviews, but I'm not sure Lilly is built for the Euro cut.